Buying partners : connect to a cutting edge integrated monetization platform


Access inventory from premium publishers on a large scale.
RTB+ is available for any publisher using Smart AdServer and gives buyers instant access to quality inventory from forefront websites.
The integration of RTB+ within our ad serving system ensures the fastest response time and a smooth ad delivery.

WEB / Mobile & More

Smart AdServer is European leader in cross-platform ad delivery.
The solution serves over 100 billion ads monthly across all connected devices.
We have built our RTB+ platform to ensure the highest compatibility regardless of screen type or formats.  
Programmatic buyers can take advantage of this multiscreen ecosystem and can extend audience over a wide range of devices.


For each available impression our publishers can choose to have their campaigns challenged by RTB+ buyers. 
As their inventory under complete control at granular level, they can give you direct access their most valuable inventory. 
This in turn creates a huge opportunity for programmatic buyers that can bid on top quality impressions.


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