Maximize the monetization of your mobile inventory

The tremendous growth of mobile is a challenging opportunity: how to monetize a large amount of inventory when the market remains so small?
We provide you with monetization solutions that will help you make the most of this promising market. 

Ad Network mediation 

Subscribe to our fully managed ad network mediation offer and don't loose time setting up and managing complex one-to-one relationships with demand partners. 
Performing ad networks are connected to Smart AdServer and can be served to your mobile sites and applications. 
Based on eCPM optimization, it ensures that most profitable campaigns are served on each of your placements.



In addition to ad network mediation, take advantage of our integrated RTB solution and let demand side partners bid for your inventory.
All of this in a global monetization system centralized in the Smart AdServer interface. 
All your sales channels - premium and programmatic - are optimized to ensure the highest revenue.


Mobile Rich Media

What's more Smart AdServer is MRAID compliant - the IAB standard - making it possible for agencies to deliver rich media ads on mobile applications. Monetization partners will be able to deliver all formats on your mobile & tablet supports. 



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