Video ad formats: suitable for all type of content and support

Make your video inventory the largest possible by combining in-stream and out-stream (in-page) video advertising. Smart AdServer supports the latest IAB standards and provides ready-to-use ad templates that can be used in any configurations and any devices.



In-stream ad formats


In stream video ads offer a really immersive experience which definitively drives great advertising results. With Smart AdServer, delivering in-stream videos ads on web and mobile players is much easier.


Pre-roll / Mid-roll / Post-roll    


Serve pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlay, companion in your video content. The ad formats are fully VAST 3.0 and VPAID 2.0 compliant and allow many customization options: look & feel of the adplayer (control bar, assets, skin), text messages for skip button, length of the ad…


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Out-stream ad formats


Take advantage of video ad campaigns in a display context. Smart AdServer offers a selection of innovative and engaging video ad templates to be displayed in any types of contexts.


Smart Video-Read  


A video ad autoplays  while the user reads a text content. The ad format  automatically identifies the best position where the ad can be displayed. The ad format automatically pauses / resumes the video when the visibility is below / above 50% ensuring maximum impact for the advertiser. 



Smart Video-Flow 

The Video-Flow is an intrusive ad format that displays a video ad between two articles. It allows publishers to monetize premium non video content with video ads. The Smart Video-Flow can be executed when the user clicks on defined links in the page.



Smart Video-Interstitial 


The Video-Interstitial is a high-impact ad format which displays a video ad on top of the website. The ad automatically disappears when video ends.An additional Background Image can be set.


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Smart Video-Fold 


The Video-Fold works like a rich media catfish ad but allows in addition to display a video on the left side of the catfish. On mouse-over, the ad enables several possible behaviors. This ad format offer high visibility and really invites viewers to engage with the brand.


Smart Video-Background 


The Video-Background drives branding and engagement. It works like a standard image background ad but allows to display an additional video in the top part. When the user mouse-overs, the video can play full-screen or it can be displayed with a background image.


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Smart Video-Screening


The Video Screening displays a full screen video ad in the site background. When the user mouse overs, the advertisement goes into a full screen mode on top of the site content providing the advertiser full visibility.


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Video Expand 


This ad format enables to display a video spot in a banner next to the content. When users mouse over the ad, it expands to plays the video ad and offer a large viewing experience.  


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Mobile Video Vignette 


This innovative mobile web ad format simulates a video display in a context where video can usually not run making it possible to offer a unique experience on iOS browsers.


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Mobile Video Layer 


A simple and very efficient way to deliver full screen experience on mobile applications. The ad template displays a video on top of a background image.


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